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Meso Face


MesoFace nourishes, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin.  It has powerful cytoprotection actions by different mechanisms. Starting with its antioxidant action it also has the ability to improve muscle tone, skin firming and face lifting.

MesoFace is suitable for young adults as a preventive measure against natural skin aging processes. It is recommended for people whose lifestyle has caused deterioration in the skin’s condition, due to factors such as stressful work, insufficient sleep, smoking, alcohol, etc. It is specially recommended for its anti-wrinkle action.





Improves the humidity and lubrication of your face skin; giving it the natural, healthy, fresh, youthful shine we all dream of.



Is a cosmetic medicine for the whole body, where it is used widely to rejuvenate whole body tissues. Specially indicated for depigmentation, skin imperfections, and as an anti-aging treatment. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight the adverse effects of pollution in our air, water and food.


Mesotherapy for Stretch Marks


All of us dream of getting rid of stretch marks whether it's caused by sudden rapid weight gain or loss very common in pregnant women. In such cases application of Mesotherapy boosts tissue repair.




MesoLipo is particularly useful in dealing with accumulated fat; such as localized fat (spot fat reduction), cellulite, sagging chins and eyelids. MesoLipo is a blend that facilitates adipocytolysis and stimulates lipolysis.

Expected results are: 

Diminishes localized fat

Diminishes the thickness of adipose layer.

Decrease in cellulite.

Best results are guaranteed if accompanied with a healthy diet and physical exercise. During the process, it avoids tissue dehydration and skin looseness that usually result from catabolic processes and weight loss.




MesoHair allows a blend of powerful vitamins and antioxidants, to nourish the hair follicle, thus the biosynthesis of proteins, cell replication, ionic balance, and energy provision will keep the hair follicle active and of good quality. The improved hair quality makes the hair more resistant to any element that may cause physical and chemical damage to hair. MesoHair renews and revitalizes stressed hair and boosts hair growth. It’s specially indicated for receding hair, where it allows higher rate of hair growth. It’s vital for the treatment of androgenic alopecia.




FUSION MESOTHERAPY is a new concept in non-invasive aesthetic medicine. A new approach of mesotherapy based on breakthrough systems and products.

"Needle-free" Fusion Mesotherapy is without doubt offering all the advantages in non-invasive and painless skin rejuvenation: safety, efficiency, easy to operate, cost-effectiveness, immediate and long-lasting results.

Fusion mesotherapy XPERT is a high voltage electroporation and photo biostimulation therapy device. It enhances the transdermal (through the epidermis to the dermis) and transcellular transport of products. The specific pulsed high voltage current produces a cellular electroporation reducing the permeability of the skin and opening cellular pores. It induces the opening of the protein channels on the cellular membranes; this phenomenon allows the substances to reach the heart of the cells. At the same time the light emitted by the LED is activating certain biological functions of the skin and the cells.

This technology has been successfully used to enhance the skin permeability for molecules with differing lipophilicity and size including biopharmaceuticals with molecular weights greater that 20 kDA. In addition the effect of the device on the skin is 100% reversible with no damage to the epidermis and no morphological modifications.

Fusion Mesotherapy XPERT, can also be combine with Skin needling systems (roller and pen) or subcutaneous injections. This synergy improves the effectiveness of injected products and results. It has been demonstrated through our clinical study to be very effective for lipolysis offering a real alternative to plastic surgery lipoplasty and lipo-lasers.

The effectiveness of subcutaneous injections is improved because of a higher product dissemination in the tissues and a higher cellular transfer. The side effects of mesotherapy are also reduced. This technique can be applied for face and body.

The clinical study was performed on lipolysis by conventional mesotherapy vs fusion mesotherapy RF mesotherapy. Interesting results were demonstrated on all patients:

- A reduction of 50% of the side effects including oedema, pain bruises.

- Ultrasound images show a hyperrecogenesis more homogeneous as an expression of higher effectiveness and dissemination.


Needle free fusion mesotherapy

Our skin is not only the biggest organ, it also protects the body against environmental influences such as temperatures, bacteria, excessive water loss, etc. Skin increases in thickness until the age of 20 and stays constant for about 40 years. After 60 the skin degrades. The normal average human skin has a thickness of 1.5 mm and is categorized in 3 major zones: Epidermis, (0.12 mm) dermis and sub-dermis (1.5 mm). The top most layer of the Epidermis is called stratum cornea. Its thickness is about a hundredth of a millimetre, and it is hard to believe that this thin layer is the main barrier and protection for our body. The lower epidermal layers constantly renew the stratum cornea. It is a so effective barrier that nearly nothing can penetrate it.


No needle fusion mesotherapy treatment is without doubt offering all the advantages in non-invasive and painless skin rejuvenation: safety, wihtout needles, efficency, easy to operate, cost-effectiveness, immediate and long-lasting results.

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