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Light based treatments that target your skintone, pigmentations, wrinkles and texture to give you a younger, clearer and healthier look. It also manages undesired face and body hair and tattoos.

Skin Resurfacing & Scar Management

Fractional Erbium Laser
Management of post traumatic scars.
Management of acne and post acne scars.
Management of damaged skin.
Skin rejuvenation reversing signs of aging.
Removal of undesired pigments and any colored spots.
Possible management of stretch-marks

Hair Removal & Vascular Treatments

Diode laser
Hair removal
Management of vascular abnormalities such a Telengactasia, Angioma, Spider nevus, Lymphangioma
Removal of undesired nevus

Tattoo & Pigmentation Removal
Tattoo Removal

What is Q Switched Ruby Laser? 


The advent of the Q-switched Ruby laser is used to treat tattoos, pigmented lesions, nevus and café au lait spots. It targets all kinds of tattoos; amateur tattoo, traumatic tattoo, professional tattoo, medical tattoo, permanent make-up tattoo, and challenging colored tattoos. 

How does it work? 
Its method relies upon targeted destruction of pigment particles through selective photothermolysis. QSL matches the appropriate wavelength to a given tattoo color for maximal clearance results. 

Is it safe? 
Q-switched laser (QSL) enables the safe removal of tattoo pigment with minimal damage to surrounding skin structures. It provides fast and gentle treatment for efficient scar-free results. 

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